December 31, 2005

Return to Racquetball

It's been at least a decade since I stepped onto a racquetball court. I played a bit in college - the court at school was free, we were young and hale, and flinging our bodies into walls and tumbling into the corners was kind of fun, and a nice change of pace from studying or drinking.

When I lived in Bristol, I joined the Chippens Hill Racquet Club, which is now apparently called the New England Health & Racquet Club at Bristol. I played a bit then. I also played my friend RZ (who much prefers skiing, or flying various contrivances) at the Southington YMCA. And I guess I even belonged to a health club in Waterbury. It all blurs together.

I was a lot younger then - these mid-40's bones and joints are more attuned to yoga and jazzercise these days. But the Zipster and I ventured onto the court last night for an hour - and it was fun! I was pleased to see a lot of my intuitive playing sense return - I was volleying off the ceiling into the corners, I was slamming shots down the alleys. Some shots and techniques were missing - but in general, it felt good to be back. Being in the court felt "at home" in a way that some describe a baseball field - the geekette in me loves the geometry, the angles, the chesslike flow of position and shotmaking. Pong writ large in 3D with a first person perspective.

After the game (we both are sore and tired but nothing broken, nobody hurt) we visited the Wood N' Tap where I enjoyed a beer (ah, she drinks!) and a veggie wrap. Uncharacteristically trendy and social for us - we usually stick closer to home and at places less loud and less hip, but as long as I was reviving decades old energy, why not splurge.

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