March 27, 2008

Birthday Prizes

Was up in MA last weekend for Easter, and got some belated birthday gifts from my family.

My brother Kevin got me a few CD's:

* Melissa Etheridge / The Awakening
* Mary Gauthier / Between Daylight and Dark
* Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris / All the Roadrunning (I already had that one, so I get to go CD shopping when I return it)

I buy music so seldomly. I download 40 tracks from monthly (assuming I remember) - this past month it was Aztec Two Step, Catherine Russell, and David Wilcox. (which I burn onto eclectic 10-11 disc MP3 collections for the car). I pick up CD's at folk concerts, from the artists. And I usually have a pretty decent budget for music at Falcon Ridge. So it's nice to have some new tunes.

I also got a nice gift card for TJ Maxx - the best one around seems to be Bristol so I will have to get over that way when I visit MYA (maybe she can be my fashion consultant) and get some spring clothes.

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