March 28, 2008

Oh, the Brass! Waterbury in Forbes

Props to Mr. McEnroe for this one.

Forbes magazine, in a short piece about Waterbury and its little problem with corruption, interviews the former governor:
Is the city's bad reputation going to be a problem? No, says the ex-gov: "People's memories only last about six months." Or else people just don't mind a little honest graft. The owner of a restaurant tells Rowland that his meal is on the house. The owner of a clothing store sees him eyeing a suit and says that he can provide a really good deal on it. "What do you think looks better?" Rowland asks. "Green or brown?"

Who knew the writers for Forbes had such a sense of humor, such a wicked needle full of irony?

As a former citizen of Waterbury (I take no great pleasure in that, I was a newcomer and outsider for all of the 12 years I lived there, although the grinders available in my Town Plot were pretty fabulous), it is to laugh. Waterbury is the punchline of so many jokes....try as it might to rise above that.

Green or Brown? How about both, in a nice prison stripe.....

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Terrence said...

Waterbury's starting to make our Providence look like the town the Cleavers lived in. Liked your line about Rowland wearing a striped suit. If he gets a jacket, it should be a boss Tweed.