March 27, 2008

The Signs are Everywhere

I know there is snow possible for Friday, but spring is inexorably creeping up on us.

I spied crocuses (croci?) in the garden at my office, and daffodils are also pushing up. I saw the office stray cat (which occasionally perches on the sill outside my window to catch the sun) heading across the lawn yesterday, fat and silky. Clearly she's got someone feeding her, or she has adapted well to the wild. And the birds are returning, each day brings a new call, a new flash of color.

I dug my scooter out of the mud in the backyard and into the driveway. remarkably, it started right up. I think its needs a tune-up (and not sure if I can manage that, or if not, where to take it) but regardless, it's nice to have it back on the asphalt.

A few more weeks of winter, no doubt, before the sun begins to warm the earth and new life is abundant. But it's coming, no doubt.....

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