March 01, 2008

Home Again

Rolled in BDL around 12:40 a.m - wby the time I got my luggage, fetched my car, and hit the snowy roads - it was 1:30 a.m. Long travel day. Fortunately, the Southwest direct flight was less than 1/2 full - I had the last row to myself at the back of the plane (I think the flight attendants wanted that row - when I moved there one of them made a big deal about the seats not reclining). Too bad.....I was able to stretch out and snooze a little. I also took some cloud pictures, just for the heck of it.

Also, the Parking valet mashed my wiper cleaning the snow off the car. Lovely. I'll sned them a quick note and a picture, see if they will take care of me for a new wiper blade or a freebie or something. This stuff happens. I'll let them know I'm not happy but it's not gonna ruin my day.

Felt good to be back in my own bed (even if it is a relatively hard futon with sheets that need to be changed) - Elo came to visit once I turned in, looking for reassurance that I still loved him (I do) before crawling under the covers to curl up in the crook of my leg. It's nice to get back to my pot of decaf, my bowl of fiber filled whole grain cereal.

Not so nice to get back to the Zipster, who is in a foul mood this morning. I'm home to help with the snow shoveling duties (for a change) but he's as usual livid about the next door neighbor parking on the street during snowstorms. The impact on us - minimal (yeah, if they parked in front of our house, it would impact the plowing, but they park in front of their own house). They have too many cars, too many adults in a single family home - so they park on the street. But he just can't seem to get the serenity prayer clicking in his head. Instead, he's talking about calling the town; trying to get the local cops to ticket. A recipe for neighboorhood strife if there ever was one.

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kerri said...

heh...i keep my rants about neighbors parking on street during bans basically in my head. They're stupid, but it's not my problem when they get ticketed or towed. When I got in last night I noticed a moving van near the "evil neighbors" house. I don't want to get my hopes up that they are moving, since it's probably for a different unit. Anyway, I just like to think that if they are moving, that they are doing it during a snowstorm serves them right for being so annoying.