December 27, 2008

Christmas Wrap-up

Nothing deep or grand, just a little report of the day.

Christmas Eve I went to a wonderful party in WH with friends; met some really wonderful folks and had a surprisingly good time. Surprising because I am more likely to just go for an hour or so and hang out to be polite, but I really enjoyed the folks I met and talked to. YUMMY food, too!

Christmas morning, Zippy was in a mood - not celebrating xmas but not really happy to be left alone either. So we ended up fighting about something dumb (he was upset because I took a bath the night before and a shower that morning) and I ended up in tears.

Got that over with, and drove up to MA to visit my family. We had a lovely time - my sister wrote down a few "momisms" (funny things Mom says, especially when she is up on the prednisone) - the only one I can remember is that my niece got a gift card for a store called "Forever 21" and mom blurts out, aghast "Over 21?" but there were a few others as well. We cut back on gifting significantly; each adult got one name to buy for, as well as one person to "stuff the stocking" (small gifts and the like) but still there was plenty of gifting going on.

When I got home, Zippy was finishing up a dinner with AC and MP, so I hung out with them a bit. And then I wandered over to see friends.

All in all, a lovely holiday.

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