December 16, 2008


Last April, I visited Tulsa to look into some noise problems. Back then, I suggested some fixes, one in particular. It's taken the past 7 months to get these implemented; my trip out here this week was in part intended to see if my recommendations worked.

So when I clamped the leakage current, and found that the high frequency leakage current that ranged from 40 mA - 210 mA back in April had dropped to somewhere between 1 mA and 10 mA, well, big smiles all around. Making an "order of magnitude" improvement in ground currents, leakage currents, noise - not easy. So it felt like a win, like I have earned my consulting fee for the day.

My reward - a nice "Deep Stretch" yoga class this evening over at Inenr Peace Yoga. And a trip home tomorrow morning!

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