December 07, 2008

Tell Me What Life Is....

Enlightenment Intensive IV - I'm back. And voiding all the warranty requirements by hopping back on line so quickly and with both feet. Ah well, I am an old hand now, so I can bounce back faster.

Not gonna write a lot, but I like to set some markers to look back upon from the future (it was really sweet to go back in my blog for post-Intensive follow-ups, kind of reminded me of stuff). But some thoughts and memories:

* Life is large - me confronting the enormity of life
* Not having a headache all weekend (what was up with that? I usually get a honking headache)
* The planet (my first object of contemplation)
* Polar Bears and dead dogs
* The dead chipmunk and then the living chipmunk
* A reason to believe; waking up each day
* The beautiful and elusive woodpecker
* My left hand (my second object of contemplation)
* Building this hand out of bits of life that I have consumed
* The master plan in a single cell's DNA

I confess to spending much of the weekend in sadness and deep grief, contemplating the nature of life, the pain in the world, the immensity of the world, and the sureness of death. I did not have a direct experience of the truth (i.e - Enlightenment) which took me into some additional sadness and yearning, but it was a wonderfully cleaning and deep weekend nonetheless.

A most precious bit of work. Now back to the rest of life.

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