December 17, 2008

Oklahoma Farewell

At the airport - I bought some internets becuase I got here early and did not have time to do much this morning from the airport. When I'm in a hotel for a few nights, the room begins to feel like my luggage exploded - the desk is covered, the coffee tables, the 2nd bed, the bathroom vanity. I tend to spread pulling it all back together and repacking for the return trip takes some time.

If I really planned ahhead, I would throw some paper and scotch tape in my bag and get started on expense reports on the way home. I'd also have a litle envelope in my briefcase labeled RECEIPTS and file them there, instead of having to dig 'em out of my purse, my wallet, my trip folder, and every other miscellaneous place I stash 'em. Like THAT will ever happen....I'm sort of a lazy traveler.

Yoga last night, at Inner Peace Yoga here in Tulsa, was nice. It was called Deep Stretch, and it was sort of a slow class - not really Yin, not really gentle. A bit too quick on the draw into forward folds for my taste (when I am not powering through a vinyasa or power class, I tend to like to warm up the creaky spine gently, my gentle classes often never get near a deep forward bend until the end of class) - but all in all it was a fine class - I got some ideas for my own teaching, which is nice. And if I get into Hartford on time tonight, I might sneak over to WHY for a round of power with Christine.

Oklahomans are, by and large, friendly people. Chatty even. I wandered into Walgreens yesterday to pick up batteries and I must have gotten a huge greeting from every employee in the place. The guy at the donut shop this morning, equally friendly. I ended up chit-chatting with the woman behind me at security.

I suspect I will be back here in 2009 (this is my third trip in 2008) - this seems like a good new client. As the principal engineer quipped yesterday as we were saying our good-byes "Where has she (meaning, me) been the last 30 years?"

Nice to feel appreciated!

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