December 15, 2008

Frozen Tulsa

I'm in Tulsa. I rather stupidly assumed "south = warmer" and so I left my warm coat, gloves, hat, etc. in my car - I have a warm scarf (admittedly mostly for fashion) and a lightish leather coat. So color me beet red (in the cheeks and ears, anyway)

It's been bitter cold here - went from 60's to 20's on Sunday, and has hovered in the teens all day today. And Sunday night, we got sleet / freezing rain that coated sidewalks, streets, etc. with an icy coating that remains on the roads even now, 24 hours later. Apparently, there is not enough salt and sand in Tulsa to treat the roads, nto enough vehicles to deliver said ice treatment, and not enough municipal employees or subcontractors to drive said vehicles.

So it's been treacherous driving (although no hills, so not all that bad for a New Englander with a front-wheel drive car) - but the good ol' boys in their pick-ups are sliding all over the road. Pretty comical to see them, without sandbags in the back to weight down the drive wheels and gunning the engine so as to slicken the road and slide sideways. While I drive slowly around 'em.

I'm here for another day - then back home on Wednesday morning.....


Diana_CT said...

In Hartford on Monday it was 62. :)

caprice said...

And snowing on Tuesday (it is here in NYC).