December 30, 2008

You May Say I'm a Dreamer

I often make my way down Cedar Street in Newington. Looking off to the right (heading into Newington) - once can see the abandoned shell of a radio station, WPOP was one of the first stations to "get" the Top-40 / music format that has become ubiquitous, which it mined from 1958 through 1975. A brief history here. The station call letters are still affixed to the building, and a small tower is visible towards the back of the property.

Being a bit of a dreamer (ask Zippy, I have Mitty-esque plans for everything and anything - a gay bar, a coffeehouse, a yoga studio, a local publication to overthrow the gynophobes over at Metroline, you name it, I've pondered it), I've often thought (as I drove by) it would be fun to buy a small radio station and run it right. Nothing fancy, some leftist talk, local news, some music radio at night. An arbitron nightmare, to be sure, but a grand romantic venture.

Over the holidays, I had the chance to socialize with Colin McEnroe (who at the time knew his fate but was not talking) as well as Susan Forbes Hansen (another local radio legend, sadly stripped of her WFCR folk show some time ago). With all this great radio talent hanging out there (Susan, Colin, Stan Simpson, Diane Smith, and I am sure there are other and will be even more) wouldn't that be a cool thing to do?

Sad day for Hartford media, sad day for the local arts, culture, and tourism communities - right up there with the Tribune's stripping of the Courant news organization. I only hope all parties involved land on their feet, find something rewarding to do.....


Kerri said...

"a local publication to overthrow the gynophobes over at Metroline"

Yes, please?!

They had some balance going for all of three months last year or the year before, and now it's basically back to super-toned young gay men on the cover. That has it's place, but I hardly think that represents everyone.

Terrence said...

Eerie seeing that abandoned building. I used to listen to Lee Baby Sims ( Am I recalling correctly ) on POP way back when ( Marconi, I think, was still playing with his erector set in Wellfleet ) Hey, go for it. I'll be sure to listen.

Jude said...

There is a really detailed website of WPOP on air personalities here: