December 23, 2008

Last Minute Jude

Been that sort of holiday season.

Between business travel (2 trips to Tulsa and 1 to the West Coast) in the past 6 weeks and the short holiday season (Thanksgiving was late) - I just never got off square 1. Factor in tight money (I got a large check on Friday, but it still has not cleared, every other check from this client has cleared in 24 hours or so) and the recent weather, and I'm just not getting a ton done for the holidays. So be it. I have the basics covered, but I'm not gifting wildly (or even moderately) this year.

Some musings and reports:

* I hit the West Farms Mall* area yesterday (traffic madness). Was aiming at Border's but the traffic was too difficult to get through so I turned into Barnes&Noble - where I found everything I needed (some DVDs for nephew and niece, some books for nephew and friends, and a calendar for my bro). Bonus - minimal line, I heard one guy say he went over to Border's, drove around for 20 minutes looking for a place to park, then found the check-out line stretching around the store (I experienced that line last year). So good fortune.

* Where can you find jigsaw puzzles? I was looking for a puzzle for friends, and no place (B&N, Borders, Toys 'R Us) seemed to carry much. Then I trekked down to The Wooden Toy on the Silas Deane Highway - where I found a good selection plus tons of other really nice, educational, high quality toys. Definitely my "go to" place for kid (and young at heart) shopping. I also picked up a rather interesting puppet for another friend. Once again, no line, minimal traffic issues.

* I have a few stops to make tomorrow: The package store, for some wine. Some place to get a gift card. My office, to print out a gift certificate. Probably CVS if I decide I need some wrapping supplies. I'm hitting a yoga class tomorrow, the bank, and those few errands, and then sticking a fork in the holiday shopping madness - it's done!

* Even though I live about a mile from West Farms Mall and go to surrounding stores all the time, I think I average less than one visit every other year. Not my favorite place.

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