June 05, 2009

Casting Call

Is it just me, or do the two guys arrested this week for armed robbery in Bristol at the Webster Bank seem right out of a Hollywood casting call.

"Get me two guys for the perps. White, big, kinda menacing. Got that look of cold, calculating evil in their eyes"

While I'm at it, the Central Regional Emergency Response Team seen in the linked photos seems outfitted for a trip to Afghanistan - pretty impressive uniforms and firepower. Had the Republicans remained in power and intent on escalating the wars, they might have considered calling up local law enforcement, having pretty much burned through and burned out the regular services and the national guard units....

Sidebar, when I first moved to CT back in 83, I lived in Bristol, right up the road from this bank. I used to go to that particular branch when it was a Bristol Savings Bank - it's a pretty impressive office inside, one of those old-timey banks with rich wood, high ceilings, and marble floors that give you a safe, solid feeling.

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