June 05, 2009

Newington Bike Shop

Headed down yesterday afternoon to get a bike rack from my car - one of those metal strap it to the trunk affairs. As usual, the folks at Newington Bike Shop rose to the occasion. Not only did I get a real live person to talk to, he helped me pick out a rack suitable for my 2007 Saturn, did not try to upsell me too hard towards a pricey THULE model, and even walked out back with me to mount the rack on my car and show me how to connect it prior to me buying it.

I also got to walk through the back room where they were repairing, adjusting, and building bikes, which seemed like an awfully cool place.

And yeah, I paid a few bucks more than I would have at one of the big sports stores or online. But I'm happy to cough up a few extra bucks for this sort of customer service.

Not sure how often I will use it, but I'll likely pop over to the reservoir or linear path a few times this summer with my bike, without having to borrow one of Zippy's trucks....

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caprice said...

I've seen things like that on the road and I always wonder whether they'll get stopped for covering the license plate.