June 04, 2009

RI Sustainable Living Festival and Clean Energy Expo

Completely last minute, but I am going! Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, over in Coventry RI. Some really great music: Dar Williams, Vance Gilbert, Patty Larkin, Red Molly, Mark Erelli, Crooked Still, The Low Anthem, Atwater Donnely, Jay Mankita (among others). What looks to be some awesome workshops. Heck, even yoga....and other wholesome activities

It looks to be a great weekend, weatherwise. And the festival is totally cheap - $30 in advance for both days.

Bit of a haul from Hartford - and they have no parking onsite - but there is a shuttle bus from a nearby school (and I might take my bike and bike in from there). If anyone wants to tag along and carpool, let me know.

Something completely out of the blue, fun, and unexpected this weekend! Join me!

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