June 12, 2009

Dr. Yogables Sing-Along Non-video Blog

First off, I am a complete poseur when it come's to Dr. Horrible. Late to the party, and all. But it's amazing. Must get DVD or download or something. I confess to a small crush on Neil Patrick Harris all the way back to Doogie Howser days.

But as for me, I'd turn my scientific genius towards temporary personal cloning. I could use a few lately, and today in particular. As I posited on Facebook, I'd clone up two additional selves today so that:

a) Clone #1 can teach a couple of yoga classes. And then help Shankara set up for Kirtan.

b) Clone #2 could sit at my desk all day working on the ever-growing backlog of reports and projects. Seems like I dig through a handful of report and a few more come in marked ASAP or URGENT, burying the backlog that much deeper. Three website clients have begun to drop little projects on me (none particularly taxing, but it adds up to a few hours of work). And there are two largish new projects, one trip report and adding a website feature that I am completely dropping the ball on.

c) Clone #3 could sleep in, cook some nice healthy food for herself (and the other clones) and get some much needed downtime.

Wish I could say that the weekend will be either restful or a time to catch up - even though there is not anything large planned, there is yoga to teach and assist and practice, a party I've been vaguely invited to, a support space I dreamed about last night (good clue that I ought to be there).

In other news, Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you enjoy a year of health, loving family, and joy!

I appear to be surrounded by Geminids - Barbara and Kristen down at the studio, Zippy, my mom, each celebrated a birthday this week.

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dyanna said...

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