June 03, 2009

Falcon Ridge Folk Fest

I see, courtesy of Twitter, that performers are getting their "Emerging Artist Showcase" notifications. So it's getting close to time for me to get cracking on Performer Merchandise prep.

There are 46 official festival performers scheduled. Add in another 24 Emerging Artist Showcase performers, and perhap 20-30 associated performers (side musicians, friends of the festival, solo artists who are part of a group) and there are maybe 75 - 100 different entities wishing to sell merchandise at the official merchandise tent at the festival. Each will have some number of products - from 1-2 CDs (a new artist) to over a dozen. Some artists will also have books, shirts, DVDs, hats, etc.

Somebody has to track all that product - log it in as received, keep track of it during the festival, and log it out (and record the sales) at the end.

That somebody would be me :) - aided by a pretty massive spreadsheet I developed a few years back. Amazingly, they were doing this by hand prior to 2007 when I got tagged to help out. Not surprisingly, checkout took many hours, with performers incredibly cranky about having to wait to get their merchandise and money at the end of the fest.

I'm also hoping to lead morning yoga every day at the fest, up at the dance tent - so keep an eye out.....

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