November 17, 2009

Detoxing - Office Edition

With the realization that I can do my work with little more than a computer set-up, I have set upon the task of shedding "stuff" from my old office as I bring things into the home office.

Yesterday, that involved 8 boxes of ephemera hauled to the dumpster or recycling bin. Many many catalogs - test equipment, components, standards, logowear, office supplies, etc. Some of these dated back to the mid 90s. Many copies of trip reports and training manuals - I've been in business nearly 15 years and things pile up. Most of this stuff is archived electronically and I have a reasonably good backup scheme; in 15 years I've never had a truly catastrophic or non-recoverable computer crash. Piles of used (but saved for some reason) manila folders. Time to buy a fresh box.....

I brought over two large bookshelves last night along with the few items that escaped the purge - 3.5 shelves out of 10 once formerly full shelves. Good job! I also brought over a rack for storing / filing papers - which I intend to resurrect in the new place (as opposed to filing in piles, my most recent technique)

I still have much work to do. A handful of pots (with long gone plants) and some potting soil. Piles of tools and test equipment. A file cabinet. A desk. A table that has become a flat file. And a closet that houses tax records, test equipment, spare electronics, and yoga mats.

But it will get done by the end of the month....on track for that!

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