November 14, 2009

Officially Moved

As of Monday morning, PowerLines (my business) has relocated to my basement. Carpet in place. Dehumidifer humming. And as of this morning, computer and phones have been relocated. Going to listen to Car Talk and Wait Wait while I reassemble the PowerLines home office.

Of course, no desk, no shelves, no files, and no mess - I'll be bringing stuff over a bit at a time. But the reality that I have almost everything I need to work on my computer is dawning on me, and that the shelves full of books and catalogs, and the files (mostly piled up and not organized) are either rarely used or wholly optional - so I think there will be a rather massive purge of catalogs, files, ephemera, old test equipment, etc. - rather toss it / recycle it than move it and clutter up the new space.....

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