November 08, 2009

Moving Day

As is my norm, I overscheduled for my moving day.

Overscheduling event #1: After a month of rainy weekends (one flyable weekend day on October) this weekend proved beautiful for ballooning, so we went out on Saturday morning. Nice flight from Southington to Berlin, notable mostly for the passenger's husband riding in the chase van and marveling at my navigation and chase savvy. I guess I *do* know this area like the bak of my hand! We caught the balloon (literally) on a hillside in a small "active adult" community near the Berlin Fairgrounds.

After the ceremonial mimosa's and snacks - I skipped crew breakfast to zoom over to U-Haul in New Britain to pick up my truck. Sounded like hell (it ran on gas but sounded like a cold diesel) but it drove alright. Headed back to Hartford where I was met by Pat (mover extraordianire) - he and I made short work of loading up the truck. So when 11 (call time) came around and other friends showed up, we were pretty well set to travel to the new house.

Overscheduling event #2: I was slotted in to teach the Intro to Yoga class at the studio on Saturday, from 1-2. Smack dab in the middle of my move. And I guess I could have said no, but (a) it's an honor to be asked to teach it and (b) it's a good way to pick up new fans and students and (c) I just like it! So I was planning to load the truck, send the crew off to lunch while I taught my class, and unload around 3.

However, the early start light load, and excellent moving team pushed us ahead of sccedule. Pat was joined by BC and Kevin and Zippy, and we traveled to New Britain to unload. Everything got moved in plenty of time for yoga - and I left them off to lunch. THANK-YOU to everyone who helped. It was an incredibly fast and relatively pain-free move.

After teaching, I headed back to Hartford, where I finished the small piles of detritus in my former bedroom, and swept the place clean. Zippy also sent me off with a pile of food and some odds and ends, although I certainly have much more to collect from there.

Then I trucked over to West Hartford to collect a Washer and Dryer I bought from friends - Teo traveled back to the house with me to help me unload. And then back to U-Haul to dump the truck - having put 50 miles on it (UHaul NB - Hartford, Harford to NB, NB to Hartford, Hartford to WH, WH to New Britain, and New Britain to Uhaul). A really wise inevstment - being able to just pack it up and go (and use the ramp).

Finally, I Stop'd and Shop'd on the way back to the condo, picking up some bathroom stuff, as well as some veggies and salad makings. I spent the evening puttering around the house, and woke early this morning (a bit of insomnia).

I measure my progress in empty boxes - right now I am sitting next to a pile of 12 empties. Some will go back to Hartford (so Zippy can put things of mine he comes across) and some to the office (getting ready for that move by the end of the month).

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