November 17, 2009

Question and Answer: Frigidaire Dehumidifer

Model Number: FDL50S1

Subject: Dehumidifer Cycling

Message: Is there any way to increase the device hysterisis? My dehumidifier seems to cycle on/off a lot (under 5 minutes) - just a little annoying and I am concerned about motor and component life with all this switching. I would prefer it turned on, ran for a longer period, then switched off for a longer period. The device seems to be working fine. It's set on Low Fan speed and 50% RH. Just seems to bounce up and down through the RH set level pretty quickly...

Alternately, I may install a timer so that the device runs just at night (and presumably, for longer periods since the humidity will have crept up), unless you have other ideas.....


Response: Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Frigidaire. There is no way
to change the way the unit cycles, but the component are designed to work. After cycled off at the desired room relative humidity a dehumidifier could cycle about every 3 to 4 minutes on then 3 to 4 minutes off depending on the room's relative humidity and rate of humid air infiltration. A unit could run longer if there was higher moisture infiltration into the room.

Please let us know if you need any further information or assistance. Thank you for choosing Frigidaire products for your home.


Good: Quick response

Not So Good: Not the answer I wanted (I hoped for some toggle in the software to increase the run time or something). Looks like I will be installing a timer or something to keep the dehumidifier off when I am working.

Interesting: Slight off-kilter English, but pretty decent technical response.

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