November 05, 2009

Home Improvement

Even though I've purchased a relatively new condo in good shape, I'm still signing up for a bit more home repair / home improvement projects.

So far I've changed out the locks (two door locks, two deadbolts) which went swimmingly. I also repaired the kitchen sink drain (leaked like a sieve; one washer was missing and one was wrecked) and I need to switch the hot / cold taps (reversed). I put in a front porch light timer and have started to replace a few light switches (the switched living room outlet had low voltage and high impedance, probably caused by a flaky light switch). And I've taken down a few rogue shelves in the basement (awkwardly placed, marginally useful, and highly likely to catch me in the head at some point).

One shelf stayed up - apparently placed to hold a small TV in the basement and I'm using it for the same. (So I can watch Fox News while I work....not)

I'm sure I'll have more projects cooking - hanging art and some kitchen stuff. Once the office and the laundry appliances get in place perhaps some strategic shelving. Some brighter and/or more strategically places lamps. I want to remove the ceiling fan from the yoga room (get's in the way of my sun salutations) and perhaps put in some track lighting. The bathroom fixtures are a kind of 70's wood that need updating at some point.

Kind of exciting. I've already been to Home Depot once, as well as the convenient and nostalgic Newington Hardware - suspect I will be visiting both places more frequently in the coming weeks.

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