November 04, 2009

Heading towards the Finish Line

There is so much stuff over at the new place; I am starting to feel like I'm camping out here. Shoes. Both closets, plus the seasonal clothes from the basement. Linens. Towels. Bathroom stuff. Kitchenware.

Went over there tonight with TVs, DVD/VCR, and a new wireless router. Comcast comes by tomorrow afternoon so I wanted to get everything in place.

My bedroom looks like a hurricane hit it - and will remain that way until after the move I imagine. Friday I'll start emptying the dressers and armoire and taking the clothes over ahead of time (everything will move around so I'm just going to start over)

Saturday, with any luck, I will officially reside in my new place. I'll still have lots of things to deal with here in Hartford; things to clean up, small piles of stuff. But it will be mostly mop up stuff and small piles to move - the big stuff will all be moved out by Saturday.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind, and I'm looking forward to living in just one place for a while. Although as soon as I'm done the houshold move, I need to start the process of moving my office.

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