November 02, 2009

Shedding Stuff, Reclaiming a Bed

I own exactly one piece of amazing furniture. It's a handmade, 4 poster bed - made by the folks at George G. Whitmore Company (now closed) in exchange for a website. It's some sort of special design intended to be easily taken apart and stowed in a wagon for a move - it breaks down and sets up pretty easily.

Zippy has been using it since we moved into separate rooms a few years back - just too big for my smaller room and I was find on a futon (very zen). But with my impending move it was time to reclaim my bed. Yesterday, we disassembled the bed, and moved the mattresses - giving Zippy a full sized mattress and boxspring I got from friends.

My four poster is now lying in position in my new bedroom, waiting for hardware (which I accidently left at home) - probaly assemble it today. Will not sleep over there until the mattress is moved (Saturday) but things are slowly getting in shape over there.

Spent some time over at the house yesterday - moved a lot of kitchen stuff and some storage racks from the office (which is slowly devolving into pre-move chaos - I need to remember that I am moving the office next). I mopped the basement a few times (the linoleum has red stains from pool chalk, so trying to mitigate that somewhat). And I spent a lot of time at the sink washing dishes and putting them away(while Amy, Nykki, and Andrew visited)

I definitely need to do some kitchen purging - between the "often used" things that I am taking from our kitchen, the "lesser used" things that are set aside in the dining room, and the "never used" things from the basement - well, I have a lot.

I have four coffee makers. One (4 cup) from the house. One (4 cup) at the office. One (12 cup) at the office that I've used for tea. And one (1 cup) that I thought might be cool for the office. I think I can survive with 2....

Similarly, who thought that a rice cooker was a good idea (made a few pots of rice, then went back to the stove, and the thing is HUGE). Who thought a bread maker was necessary? (Although it would be fin to make my own bread).

I dumped a box full of stuff already this morning (just woke up fretting about where I was gonna but everything - dumped an old cheap wok, many water bottles and "to go" coffee mugs, and some wretched tupperware). A lot of this stuff dates back 20 years or more (wedding presents or things I owned in my married days) and well, time for some of it to depart!


kerri said...

If you have a bread machine that you want off your hands, I can give it a good home :-)

sandy shoes said...

Several people in my life suggest that I need a rice cooker. I just don't feel it. I guess it's good if you need all the burners on your stove for other things and the rice could then be cooked on the countertop, but that's never happened to me, and I just don't want another bulky appliance. (Though, in fairness to the appliance-pushers, I have to admit having also felt that way about having a stand mixer, which I would now miss very much if I didn't have one.)

Yay purging!