November 02, 2009

Empty Boxes

I've been carrying around a fleet of empty boxes for the better part of 20 years. Probably back in high school or college, I got into the habit of saving the boxes for my electronics: Stereo amplifier, CD changer, turntable, VCR, DVD, laptops - you name it, I've saved it. I had a pile in the back room about 6' tall. They have moved from my crawlspaces in Waterbury, to my office in Newington, and then to the attic here in Hartford.

Now, the reality is that except for a few years post college when I lived in a perhaps 4 places within a 6 year period, I've been pretty static. I lived in a house in Waterbury about 12 years. Then here to Hartford for 8 years. Now off to New Britain for what I assume will be a fairly long duration. The stereo stuff is over at the new place - did not even use the boxes.

So tonight I broke down about 10 large boxes, put the cardboard into the recycling, and the styrofoam packing pieces into the trash. One more pile of stuff out of my life...

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