June 12, 2006

Catching My Breath

Finally, the busy weekend ends.

Zipster and I traveled down to Mohegan Sun yesterday; I had a WNBA game (Sun vs. Mystics). Zippy came down to watch and then we went to see Suede at the Wolf Den.

The game was good; the first half was really tight but the Sun opened it up in the second half. KT and Nykesha both had great games. Lindsey Whalen was definitely off (the Mystics guards really did a number on her, defensively). Zippy was semi into it; she's not a huge fan of sound pollution and all the between play antics was a bit much, along with sitting near some screamers (she moved back a few rows to a quieter seat)

The Wolf Den concert was great - we were right up front. Vickie Shaw opened up: ""I'm Texan by birth, lesbian by Grace, and if you see Grace tell her I said hi," She was pretty darn funny. Suede was all that and a bag of chips. I've heard great things about her from friends but this is the first time I have had the chance to see her. The Wolf Den space was pretty nice; I think I've been a bit reluctant to go to shows there because I just never made it over there. Now I get it.

However, last season I never actually put so much as a quarter into a slot machine; and this season looks no different. I'm kind of perversely proud of that.

The audience was pretty much wall-to-wall dyke, although we ended up sitting next to two straight couples (father and son, and girlfriend and wife respectively). Not surprising (the dykes) considering the WNBA game just let out. The casino and team do not really openly market to or make a big thing about the lesbian crowd, but you can bet they know we are there. Amusingly, I beat Zippy to the Wolf Den entance despite having to finish up the game stuff and go the bathroom and head up from the basement; she got a little lost in the casino. The noise, the lights, the maze, the dull throbbing of slot machines all made her slightly quesy and headachey. Not a casino going girl. We got home around 9:30; a friend had come over to watch the dogs.

Now the busy week starts; with a lot of cleaning and organizing and preparation for next Saturday.

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