June 23, 2006

Keep breathing.....

Back from El Paso, but life remains frenetic. I finally did get back into CT around 1:30 am Thursday morning; hit the mattress around 2:00 am. Ugh. I called and cancelled my 7:00 am breakfast appointment, slept in, and Thursday was spent on the mat, in the office, and then over at the WNBA game.

Today, I was planning not to do yoga, but 9:00 am rolled around, I had gotten a bit of work done, so I went anyway. John pretty much drove us into quivering pools of sweat. Good practice. Between all my travels, late hours, a class yesterday, and his heavier than usual class, I pulled back into child's pose a few times - just wiped. No yoga tomorrow (Jazzercise) and maybe not Sunday (ballooning) so I got it out of my system. Right.

Been catching up on work things - caught up on reports, a small El Paso trip report needs to be written, expenses tallied and invoiced. I have a bit website update pending, but got a few smaller site updates completed. Maybe over the weekend.

Meanwhile, my phone keeps ringing - an out of the blue call today might lead to a new client, another from El Paso (maybe ongoing work) and a day trip to Waterbury next week. I'm scrambling to stay ahead of it all. Nice place to be in, at least once the checks for all this hustling come through.....

Right now, rice simmering on the stove, fajita's (leftover chicken, some onion and peppers and mushrooms nearing the end time) staying warm, waiting for Zippy to get home. A mild thunderstorm blew through; the dogs are fretting a little. But the weekend is underway.

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