June 21, 2006

Homeward Bound

Not quickly, I might add. Apparently there is weather in the mid-west, and as a result things are delayed. My 2:00 pm out of El Paso is slated for wheels up at 3:55 pm. My connection in O'Hare is already penciled in for a 45 minut edelay (not horrible, it means I will probably make it). So my 10:35 pm arrival back in Hartford is gonna be any time between now and whenever. Ick.

The work went as well as could be expected - I fulfilled my role (being reassuringly competant and consultational) and the fates of grounding smiled upon us (the MR in question was well behaved and showed no signs of errors or problems after the new UPS was connected - although I think most of us involved believe it was the grounding improvements that made things better.

Yesterday was a long one - I was ready to go to the site at 8:30 am - ended up over there at 10:30 am. Made some measurements, had lunch, hung out, then left for my hotel room around 3:00 pm, and returned back to the site at 7:00 pm, where we hung out until nearly 12:30 am. Ugh. Of course I was not able to nap during the day, and Monday and Tuesday nights were not restful or sleepish. So.....tired me.

Tomorrow, I have a 7:00 am breakfast meeting with a client, and a WNBA game in the evening. I am gonna be wiped....

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