June 30, 2006

Ugh Tired

The Connecticut Sun lost, in an uglier game than Tuesday's win, to Detroit. Detroit was sharp - aggressive, quick, shot well. Despite a bunch of T's (Bill Laimbeer, plus two players), the Shock got under the Sun's skin. I kind of like the Shock - Ruth Riley plays hard and has talent (sort of like Rebecca Lobo, although maybe with a little more shadow self) and Katie Smith is just a grinder. Plus the Shock showed a lot of speed - down the lane, coming up court, on defense. Yowza. That's two losses at home to Detroit.

Heading to bed now - if the weather holds, I may be balloon chasing (or perhaps, riding) tomorrow morning. First time all year; between the weather, BB's jobs, and life busyness, I have not been near a hot air balloon all season.

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