July 01, 2006

Up Up and Away

Got a balloon ride this morning, BB had lots of extra room in the basket (actually, I think I was neccesary ballast) and we took a reasonably long ride from Panthorn Park in Southington to Tupelo Place in Middletown. Google Earth shows the flight thus:

Actually, if you tilt the perspective down in Google Earth, and move from launch site to landing site using the cursors and rotational arrows, it does a pretty good job of getting the feel of the trip.

Not much to see beside green - we saw 4 deer (one loner, one family of two adults and a fawn). It always amazes me how forested this state is.

I did make one observation - watching birds in flight from above, they seem less like creatures of the heavens, and more like land animals that happen to fly a bit. It came to me how slim a strata of this planet supports life - and as a result, the flora and fauna seem all the more fragile.

A nice morning, defintely worth missing Jazz-x for.....

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