July 18, 2006

Summer Clothes

I have too many clothes. Here it is mid-July and I just dug out a bin of summer things: white / beige denims, capri pants, athletic shorts. I was running around in last nights insufferable heat in a tank top and panties (Zippy calls 'em Gatkes, which is more properly yiddish for long or winter underwear)- I knew the shorts were around somewhere, so I finally dug 'em out. I also found a bin of T-shirts - damned if I know how I have acquired so many tee's. Too many decades, too many genders, I guess.

The folk fest packing is coming along. I think I've done all the shopping. Soda, water, hard lemonade and beer (mostly left over from the Gemini Party). Snack matter: coffee, granola / breakfast bars, goldfish, chips, tootsie pops, twizzlers. Health care: sunscreen, bandaids, antibiotic ointment (for my gashed finger, healing up nicely). Camping gunk: some odd carabieners, extra tent stakes, a tent repair kid, propane, lantern mantles. WAY too much stuff for one person.

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