July 15, 2006

All dressed up and no place to go

I just woke BB up. He bagged his flight this morning - fog in the valley and the passengers backed out last night. Ick. So I got up (usual time) and am dressed (unusual) as I waited for his call. In future - please call. I would have rather been woken up at 11 pm, but stayed in bed this morning. Just as well, this is the time of year when you end up dripping in sweat as you pack up the balloon at 7:30 am. I guess I get to go to Jazzercise instead.

In other news, I sliced the crap out of my finger yesterday - stupidly prying apart frozen hamburger patties with the grill spatula. Ow. I have a large gauze and tape bandage on said finger now (left index) - the bandage looks almost comical. I probably should have gone for stitches but I figured pressure and time would heal it just as well. (I am sort of a stubborn anti-medical establishment sort in some ways) Maybe a walk in clinic would have been OK but the ER - no thanks. I assume this is gonna negate guitar and bouzouki playing at the upcoming folk fest :(

Speaking of folk fest, Zippy is on the fence. Her belly has been acting up, mandating bathroom trips soon after eating. So the thought of Falcom Ridge porta-potties (both the availability there-of and the cleanliness of same), along with the heat, rain, sleeping, etc are making her reconsider. She has gone from "no" back to "maybe" - let's call it day-to-day right now.

Yesterday, I took a few hours after yoga to clean up the front porch gutters (not the high ones, we have no ladder) and also cut the lawn (back). Work has been kind of slow - I have some things cooking, but I spent a lot of this week compiling a list of projects from 1995 - 2005. (for marketing / website purposes, and for my own records). Impressing the heck out of myself, really, and a kind of fun trip down memory lane as I recall a specific site, technical issue, travel incident, or site engineer.

Later today, we are heading up to visit D&R, our dyke friends from the film fest. Cookout, I believe, we are bringing desert, and lesbian movies have been promised. I am kind of liking spending time with them. I have sort of experienced that age is often more of an issue than identity, in terms of GLBT acceptance and affiliation - and I imagine they have had a similar experience (having come out when they were older). And its fun to have it be not about me and my issues for a change.

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