July 30, 2006

Survival Part A

Well, the most immediate crunch is over. I survived the WNBA / Family Reunion / WNBA stint - a bit tired, but doing OK. Methinks I'll manage the next few days OK as well - games on Tuesday and Thursday, catch up on work, end of the month stuff) since all of the peripheral activities (yoga / jazzercise / socialization / chores) are optional or flexible.

Nothing super long. The Sun beat the Sacramento Monarchs on Friday pretty handily - two quarters of tight play, a 3rd quarter blowout, and survive through the 4th. Same deal today really, vs. San Antonio (although I think the run came in the 4th this time). It's kind of a nice trend - they have lungs and legs, and simply outlast the competition in many cases. The highlight today was watching Ms. Lobo interviewing Keesh - or rather, not interviewing her while the sound people ran around trying to get something working. Rebecca and Nykesha vamped for a bit before the tape started rolling - with Rebecca (no stranger to sitting out injured) joking about having to shop for clothes to be seen in while sitting out. They are both funny, smart, and charming.

In other WNBA action today, while standing at the head of Southwest group C for our flight from BWI to BDL and watching the arriving folks deplane, who should get off the plane but some significant portion of the Washington Mystics (I spotted the tall women, and assumed hoops but was not sure who it was until I recognized Coco Miller and coach Richie Adubato since they were at MoSun just last Tuesday, saw some Mystics apparel, and went DUH - Washington) - they were coming back from a win at Indiana. No first class for these women.....

The family reunion went well. I took 50 pictures or so, for mom who was not able to attend. Met a few new second / third cousins, reacquainted with lots of cousins and most of my aunts / uncles (8 of 10 were there), although really, less than 1/2 the first cousins were there and there were still 50 or so at the picnic. Catholics - heh. Zippy had a good time - the travel and hectic trip took something out of her but she had long chats with my godfather, several cousins, and a couple of uncles and aunts. She was impressed (your cousins and their kids are so polite and nice). And yeah, they are. There is a civility and gentleness that I think we northeastern types lose in the hub-bub and fast pace of our lives.

Tomorrow - catching up on reports for a client, invoicing for the most recent WNBA games, catching up on life. Maybe yoga, maybe jazzercise. Tuesday is August 1st - more end of the month billing. Tuesday (NY) and Thursday (LA) are the penultimate regular home games of the season (one last one, Aug 11 vs. Indiana. Then PLAYOFF time!

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