July 01, 2006

At the Half

Connecticut Sun 35, Indiana Fever 32. Zippy and I are watching at home - kind of fun to watch the game on a real TV (instead of working it, watching a small monitor, and listening to headset chatter) and to share it with Zippy. Also, its kind of fun to watch the game, knowing what goes into the TV show production. The Sun looked not so good coming out, but have pulled it together. But its anyone's game at this point.

P.S. - Halfway through the 4th quarter, I just noticed that the Daktronics score at the top of the screen said PHX - Phoenix, not Indiana. Apparently the production crew noticed it too, cause the score disappeared for a minute and when it came back, it was IND. Whoops. Times like this it would be fun to be listening to the headset chatter....

P.P.S. - Must be mascot night in Indiana, I count 4 or 5 mascots running around in the wide shot during time-out....

P.P.P.S. - Final! Sun Win 76 to 66. Wahoo!

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