July 16, 2006

Burlington to Collinsville

I skipped yoga this morning in favor of some bicycling with the Zipster (we're having quite the little couples weekend). We did the lesbian "let's talk about it for a while" thing before settling on a bike ride; I found a great little state of CT web resource here that has nice single page sheets on various greenways and multi-use trails. We ended up parked along Rte 4 in Burlington; with a wonderfully shaded and cathedral-like trail that goes up into Canton / Collinsville.

Really a wonderful little outing; we might have ventured south from the parking lot just to see where it goes but Zippy's knees were a little sore - although it seems like it might not get to far before the trail runs out. But it's a lot more scenic and destination-ish than the Farmington canal trails in Cheshire and north from Framington. I can see a day trip (when its cooler) that ends with ice cream or lunch up in Collinsville.

Last night, we went to visit newfriends D&J - a couple of lesbian movies (Laughing Matters and Saving Face) both of which were fun. A friend of theirs dropped by, making it a five-some. Somehow, we have begun to network with womyn, much to both of our surprise.

Friday night, we netflix'd Vera Drake, a wonderfully made, sobering movie, with a very sensitive treatment of an abortionist. I am glad they brought up the difference in class and privilege (with the young society woman who was raped by a suitor able to obtain an abortion through official channels). Rest assured, if the conservative goals to limit or outlaw abortion come to fruition, the privileged daughters of the political and business classes will still have access to abortions, either by crossing state or country lines, or through private, pricey, and discreet medical services.

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