July 18, 2006

Too Hot

It's 2:23 am and I am awake. Drinking a glass of ice water and noshing on an english muffin and camped out in front of a fan struggling yo blow outside air in. It's pretty freaking miserable out. Will try for more sleep in a bit.

Not a bad day yesterday. Hot yoga in the am, some work. A newish client came to visit and we met for a few hours then had dinner (Corner Pug, yum, I had a salmon in parchment thing that was delicious!) I am working to clean up some things and get a few projects kicked into gear before heading out to the folk fest Wed - Sun.

No final decision on the Zipster, although she is leaning towards staying home. We are very different, I am pollyanna, with an optimism that is perhaps foolhardy. She is darker, often less likely to open herself so quickly. So I can understand she is seeing the darker side of the folk fest, and has a lot more issues with the discomfort and health aspects.

I guess my folk fest experience is a lot like yoga. There might be moments of discomfort and struggle, but there are enough moments of transcendence and light to make it worthwhile. Moments when I sit in a field, look up at the stars, feel the goodness and warmth of humanity around me, and feel at home in the world. That moment is worth a lot of discomfort for me.

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