July 26, 2006

Back to the Grind

The FRFF glow (which is equal parts fatigue and catharsis) is wearing off. I kept my wristband on until Tuesday afternoon, after yoga. It felt like I took yoga to Falcon Ridge and then I brought Falcon Ridge to yoga, so it was kind of a closed circle. We've been slowly chipping away at the piles: laundry, camping gear, CD's to be listened to.

Monday was work and Jazzercise, Tuesday was work and yoga and WNBA. The rest of the week - work, mentoring, life.

We have a busy stretch with the Connecticut Sun - with games Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Last night, the Mystics played pretty tight until the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter, when the Sun pulled ahead for good and it was a route towards the end. Although there seemed to be a very agressive game going on - not sure if the Mystics were just in a real feisty mood, and even when the game seemed put away, they were fouling, hustling, being pernicious.

Erin Philips seems to finally be coming into her own, with 19 pts / 6 RBs / 4 three-pointers. What a dynamo! My production buddy Chris and I were discussing the Sun - Nykesha seems to be slowing down, and Ashja seems to realize its time to step up if she wants a starting role. Taj also seems to have lost a step, I think the WNBA season tends to grind away at the women. In any case, I'll be down at the MoSun a lot the next 7 days.

Other than that, same old same old. A lot of work to catch up on. A family reunion down in PA on Saturday - we are taking Southwest down to Baltimore and driving up to Lancaster Saturday morning, repeating the process on Sunday. Ick. But so often the family reunion overlaps with Falcon Ridge; the one year it does not I want to try to get there, and my uncles and aunts are getting older - so would be nice to see them all.

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