July 05, 2006

How Did You Find Me Here?

Sitemeter provides the 4-1-1 on the terms people have been searching for that led them into this little lair of cosmic perturbation:

* "tapa's corner"
* waterbury
* hot basil-West Hartford (a perennial favorite, I ought to get a finder's fee)
* Jazzercise West El Paso (hey! I been there!)
* "By my life be I spirit" (a little Ferron)
* terry rand (I ought to get a CD, Peter Anthony madness)
* West Hartford "Hot Basil" (again)
* ferron trans (must be the camp trans kids, or the festies)
* "hot basil" thai hartford (I tell you, you pay good money for these kind of google rankings)
* tuvan (I blame Zippy)
* bare feet (I blame yoga)
* Hot Basil Thai west hartford (cough)
* lindsey whalen (yeah, baby! She has her own blog, yanno)
* "hot basil"+"west hartford" - send Pad Thai
* "emmet hale" (more Peter Anthony madness)

Now that I have relisted all of these terms, I should end up with a nice mobius strip of search engine madness. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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