July 05, 2006

A Field of White

I look to my dry-erase calendar today and see....nothing. A blank slate. A welcome respite. I'm working, of course, with a few reports pending, a trip to the post office and I'll probably go to Jazzercise tonight. But no appointments, meetings, games, trips, or places to be, people to meet, etc. Nice.

Weekend/holiday was pretty nice. We got in some biking (around Newington) and some hiking (Glastonbury) and some scenery (Elizabeth Park, roses in full bloom) and some socializing (women we met at the G/L film fest). I got in some exercise (Jazzercise on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday) and some fun (Ballooning in Saturday). All in all, a relaxing time.

Yoga was a treat. The owner of the local studio led a packed holiday class. And she is really wonderful; her holiday / seasonal classes are always special. I kind of feel like I am climbing the mountain, yoga wise, and down at the lower elevations I am perfectly happy with the instructors I am working with, but every so often, I get the chance to work with her and its inspirational. I feel like "someday I am gonna be ready to work with her more regularly"; I can not imagine it would be anything but intense, and I do not feel ready. But its definitely something to look forward to. But not *too* forward too; trying to live in the present and all.

That being said, I roused from a deep Savasana yesterday with a complimentary insight to this one. That is, one day I will lie down for a final Savasana. But I will also wake, reborn in some way. It was a joyous realization - a knowing that there is more. I just now (searching my blog for the link) realized that my previous realization also came at the end of one of this woman's sessions. It's like hitting the mat with her is a taste of the divine - a diet perhaps too rich for me right now to live on, but an essential stuff of life nevertheless.

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