July 19, 2006


We have a camellia plant (bush?) poking up from a crack between our back porch and the side of the house. It's been there for years, is fairly prolific, and is presently in flower. Quite nice, visually, and scentish. It's also, apparently, crack for dogs. Elo and Callie rush outside like kids running for the ice cream truck, and snarf up any blossoms that have fallen, and jump for any within reach. It's kind of funny, they are usually not all that interested in stuff (except squirrels and other small creatures known collectively as "kitty") But damn, those camellia blossoms must be good!

In other news, the heat wave broke with a night of thunderstorms - loud and a bit rainy but not so close (judging by the time between flashes and booms). We were holed up in the bedroom with the AC and the dogs, Elo and Melina fretting during the storm, the normally skittish Callie fairly oblivious. After a few waves (one at around 10:00 pm, the other around 1:30 am) it has calmed and cooled, and I turned off the A/C, opened some windows, and turned on some fans.

Mostly packed for the folk fest. I am missing one of my favorite festival dresses (will make one final look this morning), and need to pack the lesbian land ark, which I may be taking. (need to check with Zippy, I think she is planning some remodeling while I am away and may want the truck) I loaded some contemplative new-age-y things (Enya, Acoustic Alchemy, and Durgas Das) into the MP3 player (along with existing works by Richard Shindell, Hugh Blumenfeld, Kate Callahan, Jennifer Warnes, Jane Bolduc, and two hours of internet radio from a show I am behind on). My rough goal is yoga each morning at the folk fest; perhaps the MP3 player will work out suitably configured like a wireless mic or broadcast earpiece.

I am up this early because the Falcon Ridge Folk Festical is like christmas to my inner 12 year old kid. I AM EXCITED AND CANNOT SLEEP!

I might try a new yoga place this morning - Shiva Shakti Yoga over at the Alchemy Juice Bar. No particular reason (I remain smitten with West Hartford Yoga) - they just have a convenient to today 7:30 am class that fits in with my folk fest plans - WHY's 9:30 class would not get me on the road until close to noon.

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