July 09, 2006


My left foot has been bugging me. It felt like a splinter maybe, or a bit of cracked skin, or an irritation. I've been slowly gaining awareness of it over the past 48 hours or so.

With yoga looming this morning, the thought of going into my practice with this sort of a "pebble in my shoe" was a bit of a concern. So I sat down with a tweezer, curled my leg up, and looked at the bottom of my foot. My yoga helps there.... (not sure I could have examined the sole (soul?) of my foot a year ago)

I discovered a clear thread - maybe 1/2" long, embedded 1/4" into the sole of my foot below my 4th toe. The rest of the thread stuck out - easily grabbed and extracted. Not 100% sure what it is - a dog hair (seems about right) or maybe some monofilament from a carpet or fabric?

My foot feels better, and I am pretty sure I will not be aware of it when I practice later this morning. I am stuck by how something so seemingly small and insignificant as a thread can generate such disruption, how something so flimsy and pliable could have worked its way into the callous of my foot.

There is wisdom here.

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