February 18, 2006

Final Savasana

YogaBeat tonight, a WHY fundraiser (for OxFam International and Peter's Retreat). Long story why I got there - MYA and I were supposed to go to a pot luck but she ended up with her mom a day early, so I showed face at the pot luck and then made it to Yoga Beat. I sort of went into the day with the idea that if I was supposed to be at Yoga Beat, it would happen. Which it did. So I went.

Anyway, the practice was joyous and sweaty and fun with lots of movement and expression and music. But during savasana, I had a distinct insight - of lying in the grave. The final savasana. Which is not a particularly brilliant concept, Savasana being translated as the "Corpse Pose" but I'll file it in the left brain "knowing" vs whole body "KNOWING" category. However, along with that came the realization that everything from now until then is yoga. And it brought the challenge of living my life like I aspire to practice yoga - building strength, experience, flexibility, wisdom - working hard, sweating, finding the edge.

I love yoga. Both kinds.

A most delicious piece of truth....

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