February 26, 2006

Cold Chores FTP Weight Busy

Because I cannot think of a succinct and pithy title....

I've been sniffling through a cold; it happens now and then - usually once in the spring and once in the fall. Seems lessened this morning. Not taking anything for it - just letting it run its course.

We're not doing much this weekend - yesterday was jazzercise, a support group, and watching a Hip-Hop documentary on VH1 (surprisingly engaging). Today seems slotted towards chores - laundromat for some comforters, moving some boxes to the attic / storage hole, further organizing of the spare room, maybe doing some personal filing and sorting.

I have mastered (mistressed?) FTP - figured out a way to set up an FTP site for work that clients can access using a simple browser, set all that up twice (one for a general purpose FTP area, one for a specific client whose need to send me a 17 Meg file precipitated this) and put a "how to" document together that I need to finish up (logo, header and footer, then convert to PDF) and integrate into the work website. Little tweaking fun project. I've been able to FTP all along, but usually I just set up a separate account and tell my clients to go get / install an FTP client; my one client keeps losing his FTP setup when his IT department periodically wipes his laptop. This is a lot easier, long term.

I did get back to WW yesterday (and got applause for "coming back") I did not regain all of my weight from the last go round (maybe 1/2 of it) but with all the exercise I have been doing, I am pretty sure I will drop the first 10 or even 20 pounds pretty quickly. Now lets see if I can punch through to the next level....like I mentioned earlier, having less belly to fold over and less mass to balance and invert at yoga is a good incentive.

And finally, the week ahead looks kind of busy. Lots of errands and chores and appointments, plus the end of the month stuff and taxes needing to be done and lots of sundry work projects.

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