February 17, 2006

Slipping and Sliding

It was a day that was hard to get any traction. I popped into work latish (7:30) and cranked out a report and some emails - then off to yoga. Then errands and home to change, then back to work for an hour or so. Then off to UConn Health Center to bail out a friend (broken ankle and surgery from XC skiing) - then to the drugstore to get him meds and some supplies, then to his home, where I cleaned up a bit so he could get around.

Then back home, cooked dinner, and now I am off to the pick up MYA to go see a movie (The Grace Lee Project) at Real Art Ways.

Tomorrow - Jazzercise in the morning and a pot luck in the evening and who knows what in between. Laundry. Or cleaning. Or something.

Sunday - ?????

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