February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Commercials

I'm not gonna see too many of 'em, but so far:

* Loved the Tostitos commercial (3 guys and the woman working) cause it has a sort of proletariat spin (white collar slackers feeling all superior to the street workers) and a feminist spin (woman doing the work, men taking credit for a team effort)

* The Burger King Whopperettes gets high marks for queerish Busby Berkley vibe. Plus the costumed Burger King is creepy in a likably odd way.

* The McDonald's hamster thing. Being an ex McD's employee, seeing the old "Ronald on the Bench" statue used as a prop was amusingly out of character for what is usually a risk averse company, marketing wise. Nobody messes with the clown's image.

* The High Throttle series. Complete ickness and boring. I guess the special effects are OK but I am not really noticing.

* The Fed Ex cave man and dinosaur thing. Historically bogus but great to see the pterosaur with the cave men (to scale) and then get eaten, and when the cave man kicks the little raptor and then gets stomped. LAUGH.

* The Ameriquest killing the fly with the defirillator paddles. Funny if technically problematic.

* Bud Light is killing me. The office scavenger hunt out of control. The magic fridge. The bear. Fixing the roof. All winners. And I hate Budweiser, conceptually and from a product standpoint.

OK, off to see the Squid and the Whale.

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