February 12, 2006

Stuff We've Done

Friday night we netflixed Hotel Rwanda - not a pleasant movie by any means but a well made and powerful one. The whole artificial Hutu / Tutsi lines of demarcation, the colonial roots of it all, the worlds inability / unwillingness to step in. Pretty horrific. And happening again.

Last night, we braved the pre-snowstorm hysteria to go to the Sounding Board to see April Verch. A truly delightful evening - from Ms. Verch's fiddling (incredible) to step-dancing (impressive) to the interplay with her band (bass, guitar, and her husband Marc on percussion and a creative and talented Bohdran player in his own right). It was really fantastic. Ms. Verch, who hails from Ottowa, has an interesting voice - very slightly like Iris Dement sans twang - more sweet really. She is adorable on a lot of levels.

I was struck mid-concert with how fortunate we are living in Hartford - we have the Sounding Board, University of Hartford's Music for Change right in town, a little further out Roaring Brook and Glastonbury nature centers, the Vanilla Bean, Cheney Hall. Just a plethora of fantastic acoustic music. Almost too much - it can be overwhelming.

And a shout-out to friend TC who volunteers at the Sounding Board and was staffing the CD table.

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