February 03, 2006

It's the computer, stupid....

As of this morning, my desktop computer is now at the office. I guess that means I am officially moved, even if the desk and filing cabinet and chair remain at home, to be brought over tomorrow. But with the computer networked, connected, hooked up to printers and all that, I am officially HERE as opposed to THERE.

Today is going to be a bit more organizing - hope to clean out the desk drawers and re-establish order (the drawers are here) before they are reunited with the desk. But all in all its been a pretty smooth transition (one of my specialties....) and coming as it did, I can still dive into a productive February.

It's kind of homey here - I have a couple of incandescent lanps for task lighting which are warmer than the overhead fluorescents. I picked up a new multi-function scanner / color inkjet. I am planning to get my sorry rear end using online postage so I do not have to stand inline at the world's worst post office (Shield Street) anymore.

It feels pretty good to be back....

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