February 28, 2006


Slowly coming back to life after a minor bout of illness (sniffly and sneezy cold)

Yesterday was pretty mellow - work, a doctors appointment, yoga, work. A friend dropped by the office (she was in the area and had to use the facilities) and she liked the vibe (light / layout / windows / location) of the new office. She also liked my hair, which she said reminded her of the Flying Tomato aka Shawn White. Not sure what to make of that; my hair care routing that day had involved: shower, spritzy conditioning product, comb it back wet, go to yoga, avoid brushes. He does have great hair. Also a gold medal. I love that snowboarding has become an olympic sport - shake up the staus quo. Not enough to actually watch the olympics, mind you, I had to google FLYING TOMATO to figure out who she was talking about.

I skipped jazzercise, figured I'd stay at 1/2 speed for a few more days. Maximum one exercisish thing per day.

End of the month, so I have a rash of things to do - mentoring status report, end of the month invoicing, dry-erase February and put together an April calendar, some checks to write out.

I have to put together a note for a long-time client; my pricing to them is based on high volume and standardized reports, and the nature of the work has changed (lower volume, more customized reports) so I need to both (a) up the time per report and (b) start to charge them a retainer or bump them up to my regular rates. I'm thinking of putting a small (say 4 hours per month) retainer surcharge when their volume does not exceed 16 hours per month. Cause I spend a lot of time hand-holding and on the phone, and the like which I am not getting paid for, and which is not really cost-effective for 8-10 hours of work per month.

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