February 07, 2006

Work Life Changes.....

Amazing how life-changing something as simple as getting an office outside the home is. I noticed this the last time I "moved out of the house" but back then there were many changes in the works, so the home-office-to-remote-office did not have as much impact or import.

What I am noticing so far is that I am planning my day more. I am thinking about what to wear, getting up with the goal of being out of the house by a certain time, plotting things like laundry or household chores when I am back home. There is a lot less "let's just see how the day develops" happening.

I am also seemingly more goal oriented and focused at work - I have a white board filled with projects and to do lists and I am cossing 'em off. It's as if the peer pressure of other professionals in the building who might drop in and might see what I am up to is enough of a push.

It's all very interesting, to step back a bit for a wider perspective and see how this is affecting me.

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