June 19, 2006

Travel Serendipity

En route to El Paso. I arrived to Bradley Airport a bit early; only to find my first flight to DFW was seriously delayed - fatal to get to El Paso this evening. But being htere early, I was able to hop on a flight to ORD - and from there to El Paso an hour early! Now sitting at ORD - the flight to El Paso is delayed but I'll still get in early - and I get to do some geekery.

Also in the serendipitous category; I intended to pick up some magazines to while away the flights (too harried to burn something onto the MP3 player) - nothing worthwhile on the newstand (my usual fare is Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, and/or New Yorker) but instead - a paperback copy of John Irving's new one "Until I Find You". Irving is one of those authors I buy / read everything they have written, eventually (the others are John Updike and Tracy Kidder), and this one has been on the back burner for a while.

We find magic everywhere....

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